Unveiling New Quiescent BHs with IPHAS

Corral-Santana, Jesús M.; Casares, Jorge; Martínez-Pais, Ignacio G.; Rodríguez-Gil, Pablo
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A POPULATION EXPLOSION: The Nature & Evolution of X-ray Binaries in Diverse Environments. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1010, pp. 79-81 (2008).

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X-ray transients provide the best evidence for the existence of stellar-mass BHs, with 20 confirmed cases based on dynamical studies. However, these are only the tip of iceberg of an estimated population of a few thousand BH binaries, which slowly reveal themselves through secular X-ray outbursts. Therefore, new strategies aimed at unveiling this dormant population are clearly needed. We propose to use the IPHAS catalogues, together with several diagnostic diagrams, as a shortcut to unveil the brightest members of the galactic population of BH binaries.