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The MAGIC Collaboration is integrated by 20 research institutes and university departments from Armenia, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and USA. The collaboration comprises two 17m diameter telescopes, located at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, designed to measure the Cherenkov radiation associated with atmospheric showers from very high-energy gamma rays.

CTA is a major international collaboration for building two large Cherenkov observatories at North and South Hemispheres. Roque de los Muchachos Observatory in La Palma has been selected to host the Northern observatory. The first large size telescope was inaugurated in October 2018, and we are presently building the other three.

Principal investigator
Marie Karjalianen
  1. Inauguration of the first large-size telescope of CTA (LST-1) at the Observatorio del Roque de Los Muchachos
  2. Detection of a neutrino generated in a blazar with MAGIC, IcCube and Fermi-LAT
  3. Discovery of the binary systemPSR J2032+4127/MT91 213 emitting in VHE gamma rays.

Publications related

  • MAGIC observations of the giant radio galaxy M 87 in a low-emission state between 2005 and 2007

    Context. We present the results of a long M 87 monitoring campaign in very high energy γ-rays with the MAGIC-I Cherenkov telescope. Aims: We aim to model the persistent non-thermal jet emission by monitoring and characterizing the very high energy γ-ray emission of M 87 during a low state. Methods: A total of 150 h of data were taken between 2005

    Aleksić, J. et al.

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  • Detection of very-high energy γ-ray emission from NGC 1275 by the MAGIC telescopes

    We report on the detection of very-high energy (VHE, E > 100 GeV) γ-ray emission from NGC 1275, the central radio galaxy of the Perseus cluster of galaxies. The source has been detected by the MAGIC telescopes with a statistical significance of 6.6σ above 100 GeV in 46 h of stereo observations carried out between August 2010 and February 2011. The

    Aleksić, J. et al.

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  • Magic Constraints on γ-ray Emission from Cygnus X-3

    Cygnus X-3 is a microquasar consisting of an accreting compact object orbiting around a Wolf-Rayet star. It has been detected at radio frequencies and up to high-energy γ rays (above 100 MeV). However, many models also predict a very high energy (VHE) emission (above hundreds of GeV) when the source displays relativistic persistent jets or

    Aleksić, J. et al.

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