"The history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons"

- Edwin Hubble –

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  • Sesión Erasmus Plus
    Summer School on "Eclipsing binaries and asteroseismology" held in La Palma
  • The European Solar Telescope project presents the design for its construction in the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory
  • Images of the article
    Magnetic Fields in the Solar Atmosphere
  • Five exoplanet system
    Astronomers discover a planetary system with three super-Earths and two super-Mercuries
  • Sextans A
    The first extensive catalogue of massive stars with low metallicity
  • CLASP2.1
    The CLASP2.1 mission team receives a NASA award


  • 21 Nov 22
    02 Dec 22
    XXXIII Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics: Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
    "Salón de actos" del Museo de la Ciencia y el


  • One Postdoctoral Contract AS IAC-NOT 2022 (PS-2022-077)

    The IAC (Tenerife) announces ONE postdoctoral contract to work in the framework of the “IAC-NOT Agreement” (P/301503), led by the scientific manager Dr. Alex Oscoz, within the Telescopic Operations

  • Un Contrato - Técnico de Taller de Fabricación Mecánica - Código de Proceso Selectivo PS-2022-029

    Resolución de la Dirección del Consorcio Público Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, por la que se convoca proceso selectivo para la formalización de un contrato formativo para la obtención de la