IO:I is the near-infrared imaging component of the IO suite of instruments. It uses a 2048x2048 pixel Hawaii 2RG 1.7μm cutoff detector with a field of view of 6.3 arcminutes, a pixel scale of 0.18 arcsec, and currently a single H-band (1.5-1.8 micron) filter. It became available as a common-user instrument in August 2015.

    Detector: Teledyne 2048 x 2048 Hawaii-2RG 1.7μm cutoff HgCdTe Array
    Pixel size: 18.0 x 18.0 microns
    Pixel scale: 0.184 arcsec/pixel (unbinned) 
    Field of view : 6.27 x 6.27 arcmin 
    Preamp gain: 18dB
    Read noise (2-pair Fowler mode): 15e-
    Dark current: <0.01e-/s 
    Binning: None initially available 
    Min./Max. Exposure: from 1×6sec to 34×60=2040sec 
    Readout time: 1.45s (non-destructive) 
    Windowed modes: None initially available 
    Gain: 1.5e-/ADU
    Saturation Limit: 93ke-
    Filter Set: H only [Transmission data]

    Quantum Efficiency (figures supplied by manufacturer):
    Wavelength(nm)    Quantum Efficiency(%)
    800               58 
    1000             57 
    1230             73 
    1500             86 
    1720             50 

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