50 years of doctoral theses

50 years of doctoral theses. Credit: IAC/ULL.
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In 1964 the astrophysicist Francisco Sanchez, founding Director of the IAC, used the photopolarimeter of the University of Bordeaux, installed in the Teide Observatory, to make measurements of the Zodiacal Light. He analysed the scattering of sunlight by the dust particles within the Solar System, and in 1969 published “Contribution to our knowledge of the interplanetary medium by photometry and polarimetry of the Zodiacal Light” which became the first thesis produced in Spain with data taken from the Canaries.

So half a century has passed since that first doctoral thesis in Astrophysics in the context of the IAC. Since then over 350 doctoral theses have been defended in the ULL, and this is one of the best testimonies to the consolidation of Astrophysics in Spain, as well as of the IAC and the Canary Island Observatories (the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory in La Palma, and the Teide observatory in Tenerife) as sites with worldwide reference.

To commemorate this anniversary the IAC is organizing the conference “Giving an impulse to Astrophysics in Spain: 50 years of doctoral theses in the IAC”, which will be celebrated in La Laguna (Tenerife) from 17t to 19th July. The aim of the event is to bring together those who earned their doctorates to remember and make a general revision of the results of those theses, situating them and analysing them in their context, as well as for their subsequent impact of their scientifical careers.

All the talks will be invited, and will cover the main fields in which the scientific activity of the doctorates at the ULL-IAC have developed. Francisco Sánchez will give the inaugural talk, which will be public.

On May 15th, the programme of lectures will be finalized, and June 15th will be the last day to register for attendance.

Contact: tesis50 [at] iac.es (tesis50[at]iac[dot]es)