Plan de Transformación Digital. Plan de Acción para la Transformación Digital del IAC 2021-2023

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    According to the purposes of the Digital Transformation Plan published by the AGE, the Action Plan for the Digital Transformation of the IAC has been elaborated defining a set of projects to be executed in the period 2021-2023. The planned actions will be related to document management, the implementation of different solutions to improve the provision of digital services, basic training about electronic administration and teleworking, among others.
    The digital transformation process involves many changes that will be incorporated progressively over the next few years. In this first approach, the fundamental aspects that will allow us to comply with the mandatory measures will be addressed, trying to provide the IAC practical and useful solutions.

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    Plan de Acción para la Transformación Digital del IAC 2021-2023
    Planificación de las actuaciones a llevar a cabo en el periodo 2021-2023 para la transformación digital del IAC, en línea con lo dispuesto en el Plan de Transformación Digital de la AGE.