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    The QUIJOTE experiment is a reference project for Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) research at the IAC. It started operations in 2012. Currently and in the coming years, key investments are being made to improve and expand its technical capabilities, thus consolidating the scientific leadership of the CMB experiments located at Teide Observatory (TO).

    The Spanish Ministry and Innovation and the IAC has signed the ERDF Agreement INSIDE-OOCC (8,136 keuros) to guarantee the implementation of 11 actions of the Strategic Plan approved for the Observatorios de Canarias (OOCC) in 2018. The strategic investment for the development instrumentation of QUIJOTE experiment, a budget of 625 keuros, are focused in the development of two new instruments, the improved multi-frequency instrument MFI2, and a new microwave spectrometer TMS, with the aim of producing a new generation of instrumentation for QUIJOTE, including the new emerging technologies that improve the efficiency and quality of the systems, and providing new functionalities to the installation, thus guaranteeing its competitiveness.

    As a result of different international collaborations, new CMB experiments are also being installed at the TO: KISS (2019), GroundBird (2019) and LSPE-STRIP (2001).


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