TIP II - Tenerife Infrared Polarimeter II

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    The TIP infrared polarimeter, which was built by the IAC, has been available as a common-use instrument at the VTT in the Observatorio del Teide since 1999. From that time to this it has been the telescope's most successful instrument. In 2002 an agreement was struck with the MPAe in Lindau to incorporate polarimetry (and thus create TIP II) by obtaining a new detector with German funding, to improve instrument's capabilites (better spatial resolution and larger field of view). This project has improved TIP's capabilities through the addition of a new camera and improvements to data acquisition and control systems. The work was carried out in the context of the potential future deployment of TIP in the spectrograph for the new GREGOR telescope. Work on designs for this future spectrograph has also begun at the IAC.

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