10th Iberian Meeting on Asteroseismology


"La Casona de Tao " (near the town of Tao), where the meeting room is located and lunches and dinners will take place. The second place about 7km to the south is " Casanatura23 " (near the town of San Bartolomé).


We are currently living in very exciting times for stellar physics studies thanks to the large number of space missions that provided or are still providing a wealth of high-quality observations such as the NASA Kepler/K2 and TESS missions, or the ESA/Gaia mission. Combining photometric data with astrometry and spectroscopy, we can have access to different aspects and parameters of a star: its fundamental parameters, its internal structure and dynamics, binarity, its proper motion, or its chemical composition. In particular, in the last decade, asteroseismology proved to be a very powerful tool that is unique in terms of the precision to determine the mass, radius and age of stars as well as probing stellar interiors. This success of asteroseismolgy put it in the spotlight for the next ESA M3 mission PLATO dedicated to the search of exoplanets while characterizing the stars through their oscillations.