IAC Dark Energy Survey Data Workshop 2022


 Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), Calle Vía Lactea s/n, La Laguna, Tenerife.


The Dark Energy Survey is one of the largest and deepest photometric surveys to-date and it is considered the predecesor of the Vera Rubin observatory. It currently covers 5000 square degrees of the southern sky in 5 broadband filters: g,r,i,z,Y, reaching a mean depth at S/N=10 of g=24.7, r=24.4, i=23.8, z=23.1 and Y=21.7 mag for the latest DR2 public release. The survey consists of more than 600 million objects detected in 10,169 coadded image tiles of size 0.534 deg2 produced from 76,217 single-epoch images.

With this workshop, we intend to show the participants all the resources DES has to offer to your science, as well as to provide hands-on experience with the various tools available.