Asteroids (65) Cybele, (107) Camilla and (121) Hermione: Infrared spectral diversity among the Cybeles

Hargrove, Kelsey D.; Kelley, Michael S.; Campins, Humberto; Licandro, J.; Emery, Josh
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Icarus, Volume 221, Issue 1, p. 453-455.

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We find a clear diversity in the 3 μm and 10 μm features of three Cybele asteroids: (107) Camilla, (121) Hermione, and (65) Cybele. (121) Hermione exhibits a "check-like" 3 μm feature, which may be attributed to OH-dominated minerals and (107) Camilla shows a rounded "bowl" like feature closer to that of (65) Cybele, which may be attributed to H2O-dominated minerals. The 10 μm features of these three asteroids are also different from each other.
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