Cu and Zn abundances in metal-poor stars

Bihain, G.; Rebolo, R.; Israelian, G.
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In: Highlights of Astronomy, Vol. 13, as presented at the XXVth General Assembly of the IAU - 2003 [Sydney, Australia, 13 - 26 July 2003]. Edited by O. Engvold. San Francisco, CA: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, ISBN 1-58381-086-2, 2005, p. 580 - 581

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We present Cu and Zn abundances for a sample of 30 stars spanning a metallicity range between solar and [Fe/H]=-3. LTE abundances were obtained using Kurucz model atmospheres and the near UV lines of Cu I 3273.95 and Zn I 3302.58 A observed at high spectral resolution. The trend of [Zn/Fe] vs [Fe/H] is essentially constant over the whole metallicity range however the [Cu/Fe] trend is approximately constant down to [Fe/H]~-1.4 and then decreases at lower metallicities possibly reaching a plateau around [Cu/Fe]~-1 for [Fe/H]<-2. We compare with previous work on these elements and discuss the results in terms of nucleosynthesis processes.