A precise measurement of the magnetic field in the corona of the black hole binary V404 Cygni

Dallilar, Y.; Eikenberry, Stephen S.; Garner, Alan; Stelter, Richard D.; Gottlieb, Amy; Gandhi, Poshak; Casella, Piergiorgio; Dhillon, V. S.; Marsh, Tom R.; Littlefair, Stuart P.; Hardy, Liam; Fender, Rob; Mooley, Kunal; Walton, Dominic J.; Fuerst, Felix; Bachetti, Matteo; Castro-Tirado, A. J.; Charcos, Miguel; Edwards, Michelle L.; Lasso-Cabrera, Nestor M.; Marin-Franch, Antonio; Raines, S. Nicholas; Ackley, Kendall; Bennett, John G.; Cenarro, A. Javier; Chinn, Brian; Donoso, H. Veronica; Frommeyer, Raymond; Hanna, Kevin; Herlevich, Michael D.; Julian, Jeff; Miller, Paola; Mullin, Scott; Murphey, Charles H.; Packham, Chris; Varosi, Frank; Vega, Claudia; Warner, Craig; Ramaprakash, A. N.; Burse, Mahesh; Punnadi, Sujit; Chordia, Pravin; Gerarts, Andreas; de Paz Martín, Héctor; Calero, María Martín; Scarpa, R.; Acosta, Sergio Fernandez; Hernández Sánchez, William Miguel; Siegel, Benjamin; Pérez, Francisco Francisco; Viera Martín, Himar D.; Rodríguez Losada, José A.; Nuñez, Agustín; Tejero, Álvaro; Martín González, Carlos E.; Rodríguez, César Cabrera; Molgó, Jordi; Rodriguez, J. Esteban; Cáceres, J. Israel Fernández; Rodríguez García, Luis A.; Lopez, Manuel Huertas; Dominguez, Raul; Gaggstatter, Tim; Lavers, Antonio Cabrera; Geier, S.; Pessev, P.; Sarajedini, Ata
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Science, Volume 358, Issue 6368, pp. 1299-1302 (2017).

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Observations of binary stars containing an accreting black hole or neutron star often show x-ray emission extending to high energies (>10 kilo­–electron volts), which is ascribed to an accretion disk corona of energetic particles akin to those seen in the solar corona. Despite their ubiquity, the physical conditions in accretion disk coronae remain poorly constrained. Using simultaneous infrared, optical, x-ray, and radio observations of the Galactic black hole system V404 Cygni, showing a rapid synchrotron cooling event in its 2015 outburst, we present a precise 461 ± 12 gauss magnetic field measurement in the corona. This measurement is substantially lower than previous estimates for such systems, providing constraints on physical models of accretion physics in black hole and neutron star binary systems.
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