CMBLAB ICTS2022: Implementation of actions to improve OCAN

In force date
Call year
José Alberto
Rubiño Martín
Total budget of the action
600.000,00 €
Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
540.000,00 €

The IAC Cosmologic Team leads the QUIJOTE (Q-U-I Joint Tenerife) and TMS (Tenerife Microwave Spectrometer) experiments, takes part in several Cosmic Microwave Background observing projects currently in development at the Teide Observatory (GroundBird, LSPE-STRIP), and contribute also in the planification and coordination of future European projects to be installed in Tenerife. These whole infrastructures conform the Cosmic Microwave Background Laboratory (CMBLab). This instrumentation places the Teide Observatory as an international ICTS reference for CMB studies, being the only observatory of these characteristics operating in the North Hemisphere.

Technological objectives for the 2023-2025 period pursue to consolidate and promote the CMBLab competitivity, introducing with this aim improvements in the existing infrastructures (QUIJOTE), giving the CMBLab new frontier instrumentation in the field (new QUIJOTE multi-frequency instrument MFI2 and the Microwave Spectrograph named TMS); and designing new generation instrumentation and equipment with the more advanced technology in the fields of opto.mechanics, detection, amplification and processing of microwave signals (ELFS).

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