Equipment for the LISA facility


LISA (Laboratory of Imaging and Sensors for Astronomy) is an IAC facility devoted to the characterization, integration, and manufacturing of developments related with sensors and cameras to use in telescopes. It started at the end 2007. Since then, it grows improving its performances to very different type of sensores, in the visible and in the infrared ranges.

 En 2018, Lisa has been allocated in a new, larger and better lab in the IAC headquarters building, in order to acquire a definitive status, both in engineering as in new developments.

LISA gives support to internal instrumentation developments in the IAC, and also collaboration with othe astronomical institutions and private companies too. It was born to help to the astronomical comunity.

To be competitive in Spain and abroad, LISA demands a neccesary economical funding to update some of its equipments already identified (as the optical and infrared test benchs). These funds will be invested in acquiring some instruments, mainly in the area of the vacuum/cryogenic positioner systems and also in the improvements of the Calibration System in the Visible Range.  

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General view of the Astronomical Image and Sensors Laboratory (LISA). View of a laboratory with cabinets, a workbench and various electronic and mechanical elements and cables
Astronomical Image and Sensors Laboratory (LISA)
The laboratory has the infrastructures and equipment to characterize astronomical sensors
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Luis Fernando
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