FPU Contract 2021. Alba Crespo Pérez

In force date
Call year
Crespo Pérez
Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
73.389,26 €

Grant for pre-doctoral contracts for the realization of doctoral theses, in Spanish Universities

They are grants for research training in doctoral programs for the achievement of a PhD and the acquisition of university teaching skills, in any area of ​​scientific knowledge, which facilitate the future incorporation of these people into the Spanish higher education
and of scientific research system.

The monthly amount will be 1,188.49 euros for the first two years, 1,273.38 euros for the third year and 1,591.73 euros for the fourth year.

Those who have obtained the PhD prior to the start of the last year of the FPU grant, may access a postdoctoral contract (POP) for a maximum period of one year. During this period, a training stay will be financed with a minimum duration of two months and a maximum of three months in a foreign center

State of being in force
Type of funding
MICIU_Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades