GALACTICA-SUR. A deep vision of the Milky Way

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Serra Ricart
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17.000,00 €

The visible universe is made up of galaxies, huge groupings of stars, nebulae and interstellar dust among which is the Milky Way. Our Galaxy, the Milky Way, is the stellar city in the that is the Solar System and dwelling of the Land. Consists by some 200,000 million stars of the what our Sun is part. With a diameter of about 120,000 light-years its form is resembles that of a colossal wheel with arms in spiral, which goes spinning in space, completing a spine very 230 million years. Our planet occupies a position advantageous for your observation, about 2/3 from the center towards the outside. If i was near the center the star density would cover the firmament and not we could see its structure directly.

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