IACTEC technological training 2016

In force date
Call year
Rebolo López
Financial institution
Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
400.000,00 €

The main objective of the program is to generate a team of engineers with high technical training, oriented to the development of advanced technological products that impact the market and a possible commercial exploitation in various sectors of scientific instrumentation. All this through the hiring of postgraduates, both experts and those who require to complete their professional training and specialize immersed in the strategic technological development projects linked to IACTec, in collaboration with companies in the sector. The project starts with the hiring of advanced technologists in three lines of work or tractor projects, which can be started without delay:
1) Micro satellites project: with the specialties of project management, optical design, photometry and radiometry, sensors and control software.
2) Medical Technology Project: with the specialties of opto-electronics and software, both control and user tools.
3) Projects of Large Telescopes: With the specialty of optomechanics