LIFEM (Laboratorio Integrado de Fotónica, Opto Electrónica y Opto Mecánica) Opto-Mechanics Segment


The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), in response to its commitment to technology transfer to society, has created IACTec, the IAC's technological-business collaborative space. The present action will provide the IACTec building with an opto-mechanical laboratory that, together with the photonics and opto-electronics laboratories, will form a unique integrated laboratory in Spain focused on three R + D + i lines with high transfer potential:

  • IACTec Medical Technology (use of the image applied to medicine).
  • IACTec Space (instruments for scientific observation of the Earth from space and stratosphere, and optical communications).  
  • IACTec Large Telescopes (which will consolidate the leadership of Spain in the construction of the largest scientific telescopes in the world).


Its use will be shared by the technology-based companies that are housed in the IACTec building, under an agreement or contract for the use of the equipment, exclusively for R & D & I tasks aligned with the objectives of IACTec.

It includes the equipment of the opto-mechanical segment that will be integrated in the multidisciplinary space LIFEM: Integrated Laboratory of Opto-Electronic and Opto-Mechanical Fotonica.

Equipment for the prototyping of opto-mechanical systems is included, providing additive manufacturing capabilities; computer equipment and specific programs for thermal and structural design and calculation; and test benches for characterization in extreme conditions.    

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The clean room #1 of IACTEC where LIFEM will be installed
LIFEM: Laboratory for Integrated Photonics, Opto-Electronics and Opto-Mechanics of IACTEC
The LIFEM laboratory (Laboratory for Integrated Photonics, Opto-Electronics and Opto-Mechanics Fotonics) will provide IACTEC new headquarters with the technical infrastructure required to support strategic R&D activities. LIFEM will be equipped thanks to the fundings provided to IAC by : the Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades via the