LIFEM (Laboratorio Integrado de Fotónica, Opto-electrónica y Opto-mecánica) Segmento Opto-Electrónica Photonics


The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), in response to its commitment to technology transfer to society, has created IACTec, the IAC's technological-business collaborative space.

The present action will provide the IACTec building with a photonics laboratory that, together with the opto-mechanical and opto-electronic laboratories, will form a unique integrated laboratory in Spain focused on three lines of R & D & I with high transfer potential:

  • IACTec Medical Technology (use of the image applied to medicine)
  • IACTec Space (instruments for scientific observation of the Earth from space and stratosphere, and optical communications)
  • IACTec Large Telescopes (which will consolidate the leadership of Spain in the construction of the largest scientific telescopes in the world)


Its use will be shared by the technology-based companies that are housed in the IACTec building under an agreement or contract for the equipment, exclusively for R & D & I tasks aligned with the objectives of IACTec.

To this end, the equipment and advanced instrumentation necessary to carry out the development and characterization of optical systems in the specific operating conditions of each of the work lines, as well as a set of cameras that allow the acquisition of images, that can be analyzed with the appropriate software tools. 


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The clean room #1 of IACTEC where LIFEM will be installed
LIFEM: Laboratory for Integrated Photonics, Opto-Electronics and Opto-Mechanics of IACTEC
The LIFEM laboratory (Laboratory for Integrated Photonics, Opto-Electronics and Opto-Mechanics Fotonics) will provide IACTEC new headquarters with the technical infrastructure required to support strategic R&D activities. LIFEM will be equipped thanks to the fundings provided to IAC by : the Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades via the