Scientific analysis of ultra-deep astronomical images

In force date
Johan Hendrik
Knapen Koelstra
Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
69.000,00 €

One of the projects with the greatest impact currently being developed by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias is the state-of-the-art analysis of optical astronomical images and, in particular, the study of objects with ultra-faint surface brightness. We have already made a number of scientific discoveries that have been made possible, not only through the use of exceptionally deep images, but also through the development of highly developed data analysis techniques. We are world leaders in the use of new strategies for combining images and eliminating systematic effects, working with data that is, effectively, about ten times deeper than that used by competing groups.

In this project we propose to develop advanced deep imaging analysis techniques in the optical range, using data from the Stripe82 or Subaru-HSC projects, focussing on scattered light analysis and sky subtraction. These techniques will be directly applied in future projects (from 2023) of great global impact: the American LSST telescope and survey and the European space telescope EUCLID. We are already part of the scientific teams of these projects and, with this help, we will be able to strengthen our position of scientific leadership.