"Studying the physics of inflation through observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background from the Teide Observatory"

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Ricardo Tanausú
Genova Santos
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69.990,50 €

The final goal of this project is to guarantee the scientific explotation of the data coming from the QUIJOTE and GroundBIRD experiments, both currently located at the Teide Observatory with the aim of performing highaccuracy observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) polarisation.The final goal of these observations is the detection of the B-mode signal that may be encoded in the CMB polarisation pattern, and which might have been imprinted by the gravitational waves generated during the inflationary epoch of the primordial Universe.

This detection would ultimately confirm that inflation really occurred and would give information about related physical processes, thence proving important insight about aspects related with the current standard cosmological model that are yet not very well understood. The energy scale of inflation may have been much higher than the maximum energies reachable in Earth laboratories (like the LHC at CERN), and therefore these observations may eventually allow to access unexplored physical processes, or even unveil new particles, new force types or even new spatial dimensions. Therefore the discovery of this signal may have a significant impact not only on Cosmology but on Fundamental Physics.

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