Vacuum equipment, cryogenics and automatic safety control in cryogenic infrastructures


We propose the acquisition of specific technological equipment for the adaptation and safety control of the IAC infrastructures dedicated to the realization of tests in cryogenics and high vacuum of large scientific instrumentation.

The increase in the diameter of the telescopes implies a significant increase in the size of their instruments. The dimensions of the instruments currently being designed are well above those that can be handled by the cryogenic and high vacuum infrastructures available in the IAC. Cryogenic astrophysics instrumentation requires a large number of tests and verifications of its individual mechanisms and components, as well as of the entire instrument once it is assembled.

These tests must be carried out in conditions of high vacuum and cryogenics that offer high safety, both to people and to the instrument itself.

The funds requested here will make it possible to expand and complement the infrastructure of the IAC to carry out R & D & I activities linked to instrumentation for large telescopes. One of the first instruments that will benefit from the resulting performances will be HARMONI, the first light instrument for the future Extremely Large Telescope (ELT).   


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Infografía 3D de HARMONI
HARMONI is one of the three ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope) first light scientific instruments. It is a visible and near-infrared (0.47 to 2.45 µm) integral field spectrograph, providing the ELT's core spectroscopic capability, over a range of resolving powers from R (≡λ/Δλ) ~4000 to R~20000.
María Begoña
García Lorenzo
Mediavilla Gradolph