This section includes scientific and technological news from the IAC and its Observatories, as well as press releases on scientific and technological results, astronomical events, educational projects, outreach activities and institutional events.

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Reunión del director del IAC con el presidente del Cabildo de La Palma Photomontage
The "Nuestros Alumnos y el Roque de los Muchachos" programme receives unanimous high opinions from the schools of La Palma Photomontage
IAC Researcher Ignacio Ferreras is newly elected councillor of the European Astronomical Society Photomontage
The IAC hosts the meeting of the Research Advisory Commission Photomontage
Roque de los Muchachos Observatory successfully hosts the first CTAO school Photomontage
A Very-High-Energy Gamma-Ray View of the Transient Sky Research news
Valentin Martínez Pillet takes office as Director of the IAC Press release
Cientos de personas acuden a las jornadas de puertas abiertas del Observatorio del Teide Press release
The IAC aims to illuminate the dark side of the universe with the UNDARK project Press release
IAC Researcher Begoña García new coordinator of the Network of Astronomical Infrastructures Photomontage
The IAC initiates its Office for the Transfer of Knowledge Photomontage
The Teide Observatory will hold its Open Days on 22nd and 23rd June Press release
El Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias celebra su XV edición del Día de Nuestra Ciencia
El IAC y la Fundación Occident consolidan su programa de Investigadores Visitantes Photomontage
El director de la Agencia Espacial Española, Juan Carlos Cortés, visita el IAC Photomontage
The agreement for the construction of the ANDES instrument on the ELT is signed Press release
Baryonic properties of nearby galaxies across the stellar-to-total dynamical mass relation Research news
ANTONIA VARELA: “La Medalla de Canarias me permite poner el acento en lo que importa: seguir hablando del cielo, de igualdad y de comunicar la ciencia” Interview
El IAC celebra el Día de Canarias Photomontage
The IAC moves towards becoming a global benchmark in the manufacture of optical elements Photomontage
Astronomers discover one of the closest potentially habitable exoplanets to Earth Press release
First Euclid results dazzle scientific community Press release
Astronomers discover Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting ultra-cool star Press release
Astronomers spot a giant planet that’s as light as cotton candy Press release
Evidence for inflows and outflows in the nearby black hole transient Swift J1727.8-162 Research news
The IAC brings astronomy closer to the young public at the Canary Islands Mini Fairs 2024 Photomontage
Researchers show that the shape of the Whirlpool galaxy has been molded by the repeated passage through its disc of a satellite galaxy Press release
Antonia Varela, Canary Islands Gold Medal 2024 Photomontage
Eva Villaver, winner of the Spanish Geographical Society Research Award 2023 Photomontage
The ALISIO-1 satellite shows its efficiency in following the eruptions of the Mexican volcano Popocatépetl Press release
XVII aniversario de la Declaración Starlight en Defensa del Cielo Nocturno Photomontage
An honorary prize from the American Astronomical Society remembers solar physicist Irene González Hernández Photomontage
Hydrogenated amorphous carbon grains as a carrier of unidentified IR bands in planetary nebulae Research news
The Centre for Astrophysics on La Palma is renamed “Francisco Sánchez” in honour of the founder of the IAC Press release
The mystery of the fullerenes in space explained Press release
Astronomers find evidence that blue supergiant stars can be formed by the merger of two stars Press release
Astronomers confirm a new “Trojan” asteroid that shares an orbit with Mars Press release
Teacher training at IACTEC: proyect Planet Change General
La Caixa Foundation awards 5 research grants for doctoral and post-doctoral projects at the IAC Photomontage
IAC astrophysicist Arianna Di Cintio receives the Junior Research Award at ULL's Institutional Day Photomontage
El IAC da pasos firmes en su compromiso continuo con la Igualdad Press release
Expo at IACTEC: Clemencia Hardisson General
The Museum of Science and the Cosmos hosts the Forum of Women Scientists and Technologists of the Canary Islands Photomontage
The IAC hosts the meeting of the NEOMIR mission that will boost the early detection of asteroids. Photomontage
IAC Deputy Director Casiana Muñoz Tuñón receives the Bandera de Andalucía Award Photomontage
CARMENES exoplanet hunter scientific meeting Photomontage
Astronomers observe the effect of dark matter on the evolution of the galaxies Press release
First observations of the Canary Islands satellite ALISIO-1 from space Press release
LIOM, the IAC's technological laboratory for finding life beyond the Solar System Press release
El IAC y el Ayuntamiento de La Laguna fomentan la calidad del cielo Photomontage
Sixth edition of "Talk to Them: Women in Astronomy" and other initiatives to celebrate the Day of Women and Girls in Science Press release
The IAC hosts the annual meeting of the DALI experiment to search for dark matter Photomontage
The light pollution in Macaronesia is on the increase Photomontage
MIT Astronomy Field Camp returns to the Teide Observatory Photomontage
A novel code for exploring the magnetic field of the solar corona Photomontage
Scientific results with the QUIJOTE-MFI wide survey: The anomalous microwave emission in our Galaxy and M31 Research news
El Consejo Rector del IAC nombra a Valentín Martínez Pillet futuro director del centro Press release
Astronomers discover that the first galaxies had very different shapes to today's galaxies Photomontage
Astronomers make a significant advance in our knowledge of the asteroids nearest to the Earth, the Arjunas Press release
Observers measure how Andromeda’s central black hole is fed Press release
Nube, the almost invisible galaxy which challenges the dark matter model Press release
Calendario astronómico de 2024 Photomontage
LST-1 telescope on La Palma detects the most distant quasar at very high energies Press release
The "Visiting Researchers" programme of the Occident Foundation strengthens the commitment to attract prestigious scientific personnel to the IAC Photomontage
New Director of the Museum of Science and Cosmos Photomontage
An asteroid is named after the Jesuit Juan Casanovas, founder of the Solar Physics group at the IAC Photomontage
Gemínidas en defensa del cielo nocturno Press release
El IAC envía al Espacio el primer satélite canario Press release
A huge stream of stars is discovered in the Coma cluster Press release
The synchronized dance of a system of six planets is revealed Press release
Closing of the IAC Winter School 2023 Photomontage
Official inauguration of the educational project CosmoLab 2023-2027 Photomontage
Astronomers find the key for detecting the largest structures in the early universe Press release
IACTEC and the prompt detection of a diabetic foot Press release
On the magnetic nature of quiet-Sun chromospheric grains Research news
Carmen del Puerto receives the outreach award at the Villa de La Orotava Science Fair Photomontage
US ambassador visits the IAC headquarters Photomontage
The JWST view of the barred galaxy population in the SMACS0723 galaxy cluster Research news
Public talk: The Milky Way and its impacts with other galaxies Photomontage
Discovered: the most distant barred spiral galaxy (until now) Press release
Euclid release its first images: the dazzling edge of darkness Press release
A conference celebrates 60 years in astrophysics by IAC researcher John Beckman Photomontage
The Local Group as a benchmark for Galaxy Evolution, on IAC Winter School Press release
The President of the Canary Islands Government visits the IACTEC Photomontage
Starmus premieres documentary and announces a special edition of the festival on La Palma Photomontage
Meeting in La Palma of the International Scientific Committee of the Canary Islands Observatories Photomontage
The countdown for the launch of ALISIO-1 has begun Press release
Un mapa para recuperar la noche Photomontage
William Herschel Telescope inaugurates its new WEAVE spectrograph Photomontage
A shared accretion instability for black holes and neutron stars Research news
Open clusters lose stars as they age, study finds Press release
The first meeting of the major astronomical observatories in Spain is held in La Palma Photomontage
The IAC organises the third technical conference of the Research Results Transfer Offices in the Canaries Photomontage
The Space Working Group of the EU's Competitiveness and Innovation Council gets to know the Canary Islands Observatories Photomontage
Dating stars with magnetic activity Research news
The IAC organises the CLASP2.1 space mission scientific meeting Photomontage
How far does light pollution reach? Press release
The Infrared: beyond the rainbow Photomontage
The Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda visits the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory Photomontage
Arranca en La Palma el congreso de la Unión Astronómica Internacional sobre  las constelaciones de satélites y su impacto en el cielo nocturno
Santa Cruz de La Palma will once again host the mayor international meeting for the protection of the skies 
The IAC hosts the presentation of the "Tenerife Declaration" to improve the distribution of research infrastructures in Europe Photomontage
Tenerife welcomes Research Infrastructures Week Press release
The impact of deep learning for the analysis of galaxy surveys Research news
The James Webb observes the first galaxies in the universe and discovers and “impostor” Press release
2023 DZ2 asteroid will not collide with Earth, study finds Photomontage
ESPRESSO and CARMENES discover two potentially habitable exo-Earths around a star near the Sun Research news
The densest “Neptune” ever observed Press release
Confronting fuzzy dark matter with the rotation curves of nearby dwarf irregular galaxies Research news
The relic galaxy NGC 1277 lacks dark matter Research news
Astronomy day with Saharawi children and their host families on Tenerife Photomontage
The president of the Cabildo de La Palma visits the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory Photomontage
Teresa Ribera visits the Teide Observatory to assess the effects of the fire Photomontage
IAC communiqué on the Izaña Fire Photomontage
The residents of Garafía visit the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on a day of sharing Photomontage
Impressive images of the Ring Nebula as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope Photomontage
La lluvia más esperada del verano Press release
El Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, nuevo miembro de AESEMI Photomontage
The President of the Cabildo de Tenerife and the Councillor for Innovation, Research and Development visit the IAC Press release
First test of the Euclid telescope in space. Press release
The ninth edition of the AEACI promotes astronomy education once more Photomontage
Grantecan solves an old puzzle about the brightness of galaxy discs Press release
A workshop in La Palma consolidates scientific collaboration in astronomy between Spain and China Photomontage
The CSIC and the IAC take part in the creation of the Canary European Solar Telescope Foundation Press release
Rafael Rebolo and Romano Corradi receive the 'Order of the Star of Italy' Photomontage
The puzzle of the galaxy with no dark matter Press release
Sky protection is one of the central issues on the agenda of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union Photomontage
The Euclid telescope takes off to explore the dark universe Press release
The group of presidents of the TSJs visit the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory
Temperature inhomogeneities cause the abundance discrepancy in H II regions Research news
Blue Supergiants observed in detail Press release
The definitive book about the cultural role of astronomy in ancient Egypt Press release
Massive pulsating star provides clues to calibrate stellar evolution models Press release
The effects of light pollution on astronomy are increasing Press release
Funding for Grantecan's activities in the coming years is consolidated Photomontage
An amino acid essential for life is found in interstellar space Press release
IAC Statement: The Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos (ORM) announces a temporary cut of the road inside the Observatory
Astronomers study the magnetic chaos of galaxies in the nearby Universe Press release
Nearly Two Million Objects to Study Dark Energy with DESI Press release
The IX International Summer School for teachers at the IAC will be focused on the study of "Other Worlds" Press release
New Open Days at the Teide Observatory Press release
IACNet DNS Firewall Protection Service General
Evidence of water found in the atmosphere of an ultra-hot gas giant Press release
The IAC and the Canary company Light Bridges will collaborate to install a robotic telescope in the Teide Observatory Photomontage
A new explanation for the high temperatures of the solar corona Press release
Astronomers find Earth-sized world potentially covered in volcanoes Press release
An old problem about the measurement of the chemical composition of the universe has been resolved Press release
New contracts for young people through the INVESTIGO Programme Photomontage
The mystery of the runaway supermassive black hole, solved Press release
Astronomers solve the mystery of how quasars are ignited Press release
Astronomers discover tiny galaxy with extraordinary star formation in distant Universe Press release
Does the merger of two black holes emit light? The Subaru+GTC collaboration tries to answer this question Press release
El IAC se suma a la celebración del Día Mundial de la Tecnología Cuántica Photomontage
DRAGO-2 makes its first observations from space Press release
Molecules precursors to life discovered in the Perseus Cloud Press release
High number of faint, ultra-diffuse galaxies in our Local Group discovered
Astronomers witness the birth of a cluster of galaxies from the early Universe Press release
The Japanese ambassador visits the ORM Photomontage
Relativistic jets blowing bubbles in the central region of the Teacup Galaxy Research news
Discovery of relativistic jets blowing bubbles in the central region of the Teacup Galaxy Press release
The IAC moves forward in its commitment to equality Press release
The outburst of a neutron star reveals the nature of phenomena only observed in black holes
The IAC joins the Open Administration Week with visits to the La Palma Supercomputing Node Photomontage
CARMENES project boosts the number of known planets in the solar neighbourhood Press release
First MIT Astronomy Field Camp at the Teide Observatory Photomontage
The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias formalizes the contract to strengthen submarine digital connectivity Photomontage
The Gran Telescopio Canarias plays a key role in the discovery of the ring of the dwarf planet Quaoar Press release
Con todas las letras de la ciencia News report
Education and social awareness activities to promote the participation of women and girls in Science Press release
Initiation of LIOM, the IAC Laboratory for Innovation in Optomechanics Press release
The scientific team of the ESPRESSO instrument meets to review its first 5 years Photomontage
Itxiar Anguita Fontecha, a fighter for Equality, Accessibility, and Inclusion Photomontage
The IAC hosted the meetings of the PERTE Chip Commissioner, with firms and academic departments in the semiconductor field Photomontage
A near-pristine star found to be binary Press release
QUIJOTE maps the structure of our Galaxy’s magnetic field Press release
Astronomical calendar 2023 Photomontage
Astronomers find the origin of one of the oldest stars in the Milky Way Press release
The IAC sends to space its second instrument for Earth observation Press release
¿Qué le pides al nuevo año? Cuadrántidas 2023 Press release
Matter that shows when numbers do not work out and other unknowns News report
The WEAVE spectrograph on the William Herschel Telescope takes its first light data at the ORM Photomontage
Hospital Universitario de Canarias and IAC make progress in the early detection of colon cancer with artificial intelligence Press release
ESPRESSO and CARMENES discover two potentially habitable exo-Earths around a star near the Sun Press release
James Webb Telescope reveals the possible origin of the mysterious shapes in the Southern Ring Nebula Press release
Last wishes of the year: Geminids 2022 Press release
The Jesús Serra Foundation and the IAC reaffirm their commitment to collaborate in attracting prestigious international visiting scientists Photomontage
The James Webb telescope produces an unparalleled view of the ghostly light in galaxy clusters Press release
The IAC initiates the Preliminary Market Inquiry for a new telecommunications project in the framework of the Recovery Plan Photomontage
The challenges of Astrophysics and Cosmology Photomontage
Can we listen to dark matter? Photomontage
The IAC is leading a COST action of the European Union to study carbon nanostructures in space Photomontage
James Webb telescope reveals an exoplanet atmosphere as never seen before Press release
XXXIII Canary Islands Winter School - Overlaps at the Frontiers of Astrophysics, Cosmology and Particle Physics Press release
The International Scientific Committee of the Canary Observatories met in the University of La Laguna Photomontage
IACTEC develops a model to simulate pathologies of a diabetic foot Press release
The European Space Agency and the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias celebrate their silver anniversary in Tenerife Press release
The Spanish Ambassador to the United Nations in Vienna, Esther Monterrubio, and the President of the COPUOS Subcommittee on Scientific and Technical Affairs, Juan Francisco Facetti, visit the IAC and the Canary Islands Observatories Photomontage
The European Research Council has awarded one of its prestigious “ERC Advanced Grants” to IAC’s SUBSTELLAR project Press release
Unravelling coronal bright points Research news
Heaviest element yet detected in an exoplanet atmosphere Press release