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    The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the IAC has signed the ERDF Agreement INSIDE-OOCC  (8,139 keuros) to guarantee the implementation of 11 actions of the Strategic Plan approved for the Observatorios de Canarias (OOCC) in 2018. A brief summary of the strategic investments to provide telecommunication and computer services for proper scientific work at the IAC whose actions are described below:

    • Upgrading the communications equipment

    The Spanish RedIRIS-NOVA network allows the mounting of any project on the fiber physical environment and enables the OOCC to take on new astronomical projects from anywhere in the world. The IAC data network equipment renewal (including wireless network, other additional services, and the videoconference equipment), will be essential to guarantee the proper scientific work.

    • Upgrading the optical fibre network

    The optical fibre network at the OOCC runs along the road from the Residencial building to each of the telescope facilities. It is intended to improve this network using a new duct that intersects with the current one. Therefore, each telescopic installation could be reached by two different fibre paths, thus improving its availability during interruption of the network.

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