3D coordinate measuring machines.

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The three-coordinate measuring machine is a device that measures the physical coordinates of an object in several discrete positions on the surface of the object, with a contact or optical sensor. The Metrology Laboratory has two calibrated, "bridge" type, three-coordinate measuring machines that have a resolution of 1 micron and allow measurements to be made within a volume of approximately half a cubic meter. The machines are installed on benches isolated from the rest of the building to ensure that they are not affected by external vibrations.

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General view of the Dimensional Metrology Laboratory with several measuring machines, one of bridge type on a table and another in the form of an arm on a tripod
Dimensional Metrology Laboratory
In the Dimensional Metrology Laboratory it is verified that the manufactured parts meet the required design specifications.
Image of the portable measuring arm in the laboratory. Machine in the form of a pull-out arm placed on a tripod
Portable measuring arm
Portable high precision contact measurement equipment
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Image of an engineer working on the final assembly of the grisms wheel of the EMIR instrument in the laboratory. Large black metal wheel with holes for optical components
Design, development and manufacture of opto-mechanical systems and precision mechanics
The mechanical engineering team of the IAC has experience and knowledge to undertake the design, manufacture and assembly of high precision structures, mechanisms and opto-mechanical systems
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