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The Zygo interferometer is a Fizeau-type interferometer dedicated to measuring surface defects of flat and spherical optical elements. Likewise, it allows the precise measurement of radii of curvature and can be used as an alignment tool in the assembly of complex optical systems. The basic system consists of a Fizeau interferometer with a laser head, 4-inch collimated output beam, framegrabber and acquisition software.

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General view of one of the rooms (A) of the optical laboratory. Elongated laboratory with metal tables with holes and various optical and mechanical elements on top of them
Optics Laboratory
The Optics Laboratory is specialized in the realization of all type of optical measurements, alignment and integration of instruments, prototype tests and characterization of components and optical systems in general.
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Rasilla Piñeiro
López López
View of the Differential interferometer in the laboratory. Small optical and electronic devices aligned on a laboratory table
Differential interferometer
Device dedicated to the precise measurement of displacements between two flat mirrors.
View of the Wavescope wave front sensor in the laboratory. Medium-sized appliance on an optical table with holes, in the front of which has an entrance for light covered with a lid
Wavefront sensors
Devices for measuring the aberrations of an optical wavefront.
Related Capability
View of an engineer assembling a grism in the laboratory. Engineer placing a piece of glass in a metal cylinder
Design, development and verification of optical systems
The IAC Technology Division has the capacity for developing complete optical elements and systems from the design stages to manufacturing follow-up, integration and final verification.
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