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A number of oscilloscopes are available as the essential tool for testing electronic systems under development. The specially featured ocscilloscope, Agilent 54832D, specifically used for FPGA development, features 4 analog input channels of 1GHz bandwidth sampled at 4 Gs/s, which can be displayed simultaneously with 16 digital inputs. Also the Tektronix 724D, used for high speed electronics systems development, offers two-channel analog acquisition of 500 MHz bandwidth, with 2Gs/s sampling.

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General view of the electronic design laboratory with several workbenches, electronic racks and cabinets for components and electronic parts
Electronic Design Laboratory
The laboratory has the necessary infrastructures for the development, integration and verification of electronic systems
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Rodríguez Ramos
Front view of the FPGAs analyser. Electronic device with a frontal keyboard, buttons and a screen
FPGA logic analyser
The logic analyser is a measuring instrument used for FPGA development
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Image of an engineer working on the electronics of the adaptive optics system for GTC in the laboratory. Engineer sitting working on a computer with an open electronics cabinet at his side
Design, development and manufacture of electronic systems
Within its capacity of building scientific instrumentation, the IAC has extensive experience in the design and development of electronic systems in general and, especially, for astronomical instruments and devices