Economic information: Electronic signature policy

Electronic signature policy

The electronic signature and certificate policy, according to Royal Decree 4/2010, is a set of security, organizational, technical and legal rules that determine how electronic signatures are generated, verified and managed, as well as the characteristics that signature certificates must comply with. These policies define rules and obligations for all parties involved in the electronic signature process, in order to determine its validity in specific transactions.

ArticLe 18 of the Spanish National Interoperability Scheme (ENI) establishes that the General State Administration must define an electronic signature and certificate policy as a general interoperability framework, which can be referenced by other public administrations to define their own policies. The technical interoperability standard establishes that each organization may choose to develop its own policy or use an existing one, depending on its needs and convenience.

After examining the policy of electronic signature and certificates of the AGE, it is considered that it is consistent with the IAC regulations and acceptable in its technical aspects, so it has been decided to adhere to it".