Phase Resolved Blue Spectroscopy of SS433

Barnes, A. D.; Charles, P. A.; Clark, J. S.; Cornelisse, R.; Knigge, C.
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INTERACTING BINARIES: Accretion, Evolution, and Outcomes. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 797, pp. 533-536 (2005).

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Despite more than 20 years of study, we still possess only limited constraints on the fundamental properties of SS433. With the exception of the 13d period, orbital parameters are ill-constrained, and hence the nature of both compact object, a neutron star or black hole, or the mass donor are still unknown. However, newly acquired high resolution blue spectra, taken when the precessing disc is closest to edge-on, provide the strongest evidence yet for a massive, A4 supergiant donor, in addition to expanding the phase constraints for further observations of the donor.