An idealized model for dust accretion in active galactic nuclei

Buitrago, J.; Mediavilla, E.
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IN: Structure and evolution of active galactic nuclei; Proceedings of the International Meeting, Trieste, Italy, April 10-13, 1985 (A87-13252 03-90). Dordrecht, D. Reidel Publishing Co., 1986, p. 503-507.

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With an adequate supply of matter, the inward drifting of dust particles induced by the Poynting-Robertson effect can lead to the formation of a shell or disk-like structure around the source of radiation. In a steady state, the Poynting-Robertson effect produces a spatial density of dust in the form of 1/r which in turn gives rise to a mid-infrared spectrum where Fnu varies as 1/nu. It is believed that this report could be of interest for the interpretation of the infrared excess found in many extragalactic sources.