A jet-cloud interaction in the 3C 196 environment

Christensen, L.; Jahnke, K.; Wisotzki, L.; Sánchez, S. F.; Exter, K.; Roth, M. M.
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Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 452, Issue 3, June IV 2006, pp.869-874

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Powerful radio galaxies and radio-loud quasars at high redshifts are frequently associated with extended emission-line regions (EELRs). Here we investigate the [O II] EELR around the quasar 3C 196 at z=0.871 using integral field spectroscopy. We also detect extended [Ne II] emission at a distance of about 30 kpc from the core. The emission is aligned with the radio hot spots and shows a redshifted and a blueshifted component with a velocity difference of ~800 km s-1. The alignment effect and large velocities support the hypothesis that the EELR is caused by a jet-cloud interaction, which is furthermore indicated by the presence of a pronounced bend in the radio emission at the location of the radio hot spots. We also report observations of two other systems which do not show as clear indications of interactions. We find a weaker alignment of an [O II] EELR from the z=0.927 quasar 3C 336, while no EELR is found around the core-dominated quasar OI 363 at z=0.63.