Parameter estimates for the orbits of M 32 and NGC 205 about the centre of mass of the M 31 system

Cepa, J.; Beckman, J. E.
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Astronomy and Astrophysics (ISSN 0004-6361), vol. 200, no. 1-2, July 1988, p. 21-25.

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The authors used simple kinematic, dynamic and geometrical assumptions to infer the orbital parameters of M32 and NGC 205 about M31. They find that both galaxies rotate in a retrograde sense compared to M31 indicating a possible common origin independent of the mother galaxy. Their periods, each ≅108yr, and their orbital radii, ≅12 kpc, are comparable, while the inclinations of their orbital planes are -95° for M32 and 122° for NGC 205, with respect to the plane of M31.