Seismic Monitoring of the Sun's Far Hemisphere: A Crucial Component in Future Space Weather Forecasting

Jain, Kiran; Lindsey, Charles; Adamson, Eric; Arge, C. Nick; Berger, Thomas E.; Braun, Douglas C.; Chen, Ruizhu; Collado-Vega, Yaireska M.; Dikpati, Mausumi; Felipe, Tobias; Henney, Carl J.; Hoeksema, J. Todd; Komm, Rudolf W.; Leka, K. D.; Marble, Andrew R.; Martinez Pillet, Valentin; Miesch, Mark; Nickisch, L. J.; Pevtsov, Alexei A.; Pizzo, Victor J.; Tobiska, W. Kent; Tripathy, Sushanta C.; Zhao, Junwei
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Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society

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We present a coherent vision for the role of helioseismic monitoring of magnetic activity in the Sun's far hemisphere that will contribute to improving space weather forecasting as well as fundamental research. These require reliable, continuous synoptic monitoring of the far hemisphere as an integral component of our science and technology infrastructure over the coming decade.