A spectrophotometric study of the peculiar young open cluster Berkeley 87

Polcaro, Vito F.; Rossi, Corinne; Persi, Paolo; Giovannelli, Franco; Ferrari-Toniolo, Marco; Gonzales Pais, I.; Manchanda, R. K.; Norci, L.; Viotti, R.
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(Vulcano Workshop on Young Star Clusters and Early Stellar Evolution, Vulcano, Italy, Sept. 16-20, 1991, Proceedings. A92-42951 17-90) Società Astronomica Italiana, Memorie (ISSN 0037-8720), vol. 62, no. 4, 1991, p. 933-938.

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A spectrophotometric study of the peculiar open cluster Berkeley 87 is presented; the measurements show that most of the members are young, heavily reddened OB stars, but a few are much more evolved objects. Some of these objects show in their spectra the presence of unusual absorption lines, probably due to the local interstellar medium. The stars n.3, n.9, n.15, and n.38 confirm the presence of intense emission from the Balmer lines. The star n.78 (BC Cyg) clearly shows a late-type spectrum, and the classification given in the literature and its membership in Berk 87 is confirmed. A number of objects and especially the stars n.14, n.15, and n.16 in the Rubner and Forbes (1982) list, which lie very near the apparent cluster center and inside or very near the error box of one of the strong IRAS sources, are discussed.