LCO's Network of Robotic Echelle Spectrographs


    LCO's Network of Robotic Echelle Spectrographs (NRES) will be six identical high-resolution (R~53,000), precise (≤ 3 m/s), optical (380-860 nm) echelle spectrographs, each fiber-fed (2.58" per fiber width) simultaneously by two 1 meter telescopes and a ThAr calibration source. The expected long-term accuracy for NRES is better than 3 m/s in less than an hour for stars brighter than V = 12. Like all instruments at LCO, scheduling, observing, and data reduction will be autonomous, and all data will be publicly available after a proprietary period. The first NRES element was installed (in Chile) in March 2017. Commissioning is ongoing.

    Optical Spectroscopy

    Spectral Range: 380-860 nm
    Spectral Resolution: 53000nm
    Available at the 1m telescopes

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