Near Infrared High Resolution Spectrograph


    GIANO is a near IR high resolution spectrograph mounted at the Nasmyth A focus of the TNG in July 2012. In October 2013 the Commissioning has been completed and in September 2014 the Science Verification has been successfully carried out.
    The instrument provides cross dispersed echelle spectroscopy at a resolution of 50,000 over the 0.95-2.45 micron spectral range in a single exposure. It is fiber-fed with two fibers of 1 arcsec angular diameter at a fixed angular distance of 3 arcsec on sky. GIANO has only one observing mode (R~50,000) and it can acquire spectra either of astrophysical objects and sky simultaneously, or of calibration lamps (halogen for flat-field and U-Ne for wavelength calibration) and dark frames. 

    Infrared Spectroscopy</h4>
      Range: 9500-24500Å
      Spectral Resolution: 50000
      Fiber size: 1″

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