Stella Robotic Observatory

Ø 120.00 cm
Científico responsable
Ma. Rosa Zapatero
Año de operación

    STELLA, short for STELLar Activity are two fully robotic, 1.2m telescope at Izana Observatory located in Tenerife, Spain. They uniquely combine a high-resolution spectrograph, SES and a wide-field imager, WiFSIP.  STELLA is a long-term project for observing and monitoring activity tracers on cool stars with two robotic telescopes.
    Plans for a third, 2m-class telescope STELLA-III are currently under discussion.

    Both STELLA telescopes were manufactured by Halfmann Teleskoptechnik in Neusäß near Augsburg, Germany, which has been part of Halfmann Maschinenbau GmbH. They no longer build telescopes.They feature an Alt/Az mount and an aperture of 1.2m. The first telescope (STELLA-I) is an f/8 system with two Nasmyth foci and a field of view of 30'. The telescopes are equipped with a hydrostatic azimuthal bearing driven by a single stage oil pump, the altitude axis features a ball bearing. The two telescope axes are moved by direct-drive motors from ETEL with optical Heidenhain encoders. One increment on the encoder corresponds to 36", which is interpolated at a resolution of 11 bits, which translates to a theoretical pointing and tracking accuracy of the drives of 0.18''. This samples well the average site seeing of about 1''.


    Plans for a third, 2m-class telescope STELLA-III are currently under discussion

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